01Comprehensive, Integrated Multi-Sector Responsefor Rohingya Refugees and Host Communities in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.International Rescue Committee -USASeptember2023 to october2026Cox’s Bazar
02Uplifting Vulnerable Communities Livelihood Pathway through Digital Access’ Christian AidJuly 2023 to August 2024Kurigram
03Second change Education BRAC/GOBJanuary2021 to December 2023Cumilla
04Strengthening Communities / Improving Lives and Livelihoods Programme/ Building a Vibrent Community of Female Small Business Owners in Kurigram DistrictChristian Aid / Internet Foundation –UKDecember 2021 to October 2023Kurigram
05Legal Aid/ArbitrationOwn FundJuly 1997 till to date Cumilla
06GREHAYANBangladesh BankJuly 2005 till to dateCumilla/Kurigram
07Training CenterEmbassy of Japan/Own FundJuly 2004 till to dateCumilla
08Micro Credit ProgramPKSF, Basic Bank, Mercantile Bank, AB BankJuly 2000 till to dateCumilla, Feni, Brahman Baria
09Vulnerable Women Benefit ProgramGOB/DWAJuly 2023 to June 2023Laksham & Chodwhogram of Cumilla District

Running Projec Information

01Comprehensive, Integrated Multi-Sector Responsefor Rohingya Refugees and Host Communities in Cox’s Bazar, BangladeshInternational Rescue Committee -USACoxs Bazar. Ukhia and taknaf.
1/9/ 202331/8/2026
Women and girls protected from and treated for the consequences of GBV
Girl shine: weeks trainings to adolescents (9-19 age group) girls on life skill, Covid, Family planning, Social cohesion, GBV, Health, Nutrition, and SRH.
16 weeks session to care giver and men (care gives) on life skill, Covid, Family planning, Social cohesion, GBV, Health, Nutrition, and SRH.
Consultation meetings with Community Leaders.
EMAP :Session on EMAP for female and Male.
Training for Volunteers on Covid, Family planning, Social cohesion, GBV, Health, Nutrition, and SRH and community outreach.
Prevention & Community outreach: Awareness raising by popular teacher.
Day Observation.
Develop Audio listening group with adolescent boys. Cage managment

02Uplifting Vulnerable Communities Livelihood Pathway through Digital Access’Christian AidKurigram, Nageshwari and Chilmari Upzila 1/7/202331/8/2024
To improve the livelihood situation of potential entrepreneurs by creating market access by using digital technology.
a) 2-day training on e-commerce and refresher: participants (target 150 change agents-80% young women), b)1-day-long capacity building on financial management: (target 150 change agents), c) Establish two women-friendly IT hubs (Kurigram): IT hubs will provide safe space for women entrepreneurs to explore business opportunities using digital technology and discuss issues relevant to their lives and livelihoods and students will get access this platform for study and others.d)Organize 1-day digital literacy and online business workshop for local businessmen (Kurigram).e)900 monthly meetings between Change Agents and their groups-f) 08 community awareness on e-commerce- raise awareness of local communities to use e-commerce for essential purchses(Target – 8 with 60 participants). g) Inhouse Capacity building of potential IT students on Freelancing and E-Commerce- togeeting access of internet and explore livelihood by digital income. (Target- 40, M-25 & F-15 with devided into 4 batchs x 10 students per batch). h)Training on business planning, use of online and local market place (Target- 2 with 50 wemen).etc
03Out of school children education program BRACCumilla City Corporation-01 & 03 NO ward 10 schools are being run.1/12/202130/12/2023
*Out-of-school (drop-out and non-enrollment) children between the ages of 6 and 14 are given a second chance to receive primary education through non-formal primary education activities and are brought into the mainstream of formal education. ** To develop as a productive citizen by arranging technical / quality training after completion of primary education
** Classes are in two shifts. Morning shift start at 9.00am to 12.00pm. Day shift start at 2.00pm to 5.00pm. Class one, two & three will end in 18 months. Class 1 will be completed in 6 months , class 2 completed in 6 months & class 3 also will be completed in 6 months.
04Grehayan Project Bangladesh Bank (Grehayon TohobilDistrict: Kurigram ,
Upazila: Bhurungamari &
District: Cumilla, Upazila: Adorsho Sadar, Cumilla Sadar Dokkhin & Bhurichong
25/06/2003Ongoing project
Providing low interest loans to homeless poor people
Homeless poor people are given 5 years term loan at low interest to build a house and received weekly installment.
05Access to Justice for All through ArbitrationOwn fund from Micro Credit Income as Social Responsibility District: Cumilla1/1/1997Ongoing project
To help the poor and low-income people to get fair justice.
*Complaint acceptance
*Legal advice
*Arrangement of arbitration for Alternative *Dispute Resolution (ADR)
*If necessary refer to legal aid office
06Micro Credit Programme (As of Fbruary-2022)Own Fund, Basic Bank, Mercantile Bank, AB BankCumilla,Feni,BrahmanbariaOngoing Program
To generate savings & income generating activities.
No. of District-03
No. of Upazilla-12
No. of Branch-10
No. of Shamittee-561
Total Member-9775
Total Savings-118,210,514.00
A) Total No. of Borrower-6884
B) Total Loan Outstanding-218,576,615.00
07Training and Resources Development CentreJapan EmbassyCumillaOn Going
The Training and Resources Development Centre has been constructed by the financial assistance of the Japan Embassy, Dhaka in the year of 2004-2005. After the construction of the training and resource development centre the following objective has been achieved: (a)Every year AID-COMILLA’s 4000 partner group members / leaders , 500 other stakeholder and 2000 participants of the other NGOs effectively being trained up on poverty alleviation and environmental issue and they are in action (b) Partner group members of AID-COMILLA practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Rice and vegetable in their cultivation, create gender awareness, initiate vegetable gardening, plants trees, culture fish, make profit and create employment/self employment, out of micro credit, forms strong micro institution at village level and group federation at union level.
08Vulnerable Women Benefit ProgramGOB/DWALaksham & Chodwhogram of Cumilla DistrictJuly 2023On GoingSocial protection and justice for vulnerable women and children
Vulnerable Women Benefit Program (VWB) Programme The long-term objective of the VWB Programme is to improve socioeconomic conditions of the poverty prone and distressed rural women of Bangladesh, so that they can overcome food insecurity, malnutrition and financial crisis as well as the lack of social dignity. Since this is one of the largest programs for women under the social safety net, this has been identified as the highest priority sector