Message from the desk of Executive Director

November 14, 2023

This year, AID-COMILLA celebrates its 29th year of working for women’s voice and it is our great honour to share it with our partners in development who made it possible for us to come along with to this way.  The annual report 2022-2023 has been developed to make a brief presentation of all the organizational efforts for the improvement of economic and social status of the targeted communities, and contribute to the national development efforts in the present fiscal year. I think the brief report would helpful for our clients, partners, stake-holders, communities and the individuals involved with, and interest to know and understand AID-COMILLA.

Each Passing year seems to bring even greater challenges to our world as shocks from food insecurity by shifting climatic patterns, poverty and social inequality, Unemployment and failure of urban infrastructure by unprecedented migration escalades. 

AID-COMILLA is quite aware about not having its capacity to change the situation against the currents overnights. However, it intends to create social concern to come forward together to overcome the situation and we know we can do it- because so many of you are working with us. Your steadfast commitment to the lives of people inspired us to pursue even greater achievements in 2022-2023. Therefore much of our work at AID-COMILLA focuses on innovating to meet these 21st century challenges. Innovative has defined our mission for more than two decades to create the access of the disadvantaged people in the field of gender equality, role of law/justice, education, emergency response, public health, or have been working on behalf of green revolution in agriculture/smart agriculture through community based organizations (CBOs), recognizing the profound potentials to compound, multiply and reapply the impacts.

AID-COMILLA used to portrays its development plan as per the national strategy that now followed by 17 sustainable development goals (SDG’S), set a big, bold agenda before the global community, missing to unite efforts and drive positive change through partnerships that leave no-one behind.

Our success is a combination of the great contributions of people involved in making AID-COMILLA a successful organization: the invaluable dedication and commitment of staff to implement Program activities in the field, the belief of donors in our capacity to achieve our goals, the trust of our partners/project participants in the grassroots level to deliver quality services for them to further improve their lives, and the unrelenting support of our local and international partners to meet a common vision.   

This edition is a special effort to reflect on what has been done for the past 28th years in empowering women to be productive members of the society. 

We would like to thank the Government of Bangladesh, Executive Committee & General Committee Members of AID-COMILLA, our donors, partners, and supporters for their generous and continued support and cooperation for all of our endeavours.  We are committed to continue to serve the Bangladeshi people in the coming years as we work to alleviate poverty and empower the powerless.

Rokeya Begum Shafali
Executive Director