Training and Resource Development Centre at Nageshwari, Kurigram

Funded by : Chars Livelihoods Programme (for earth filling) AID-COMILLA own fund for construction
Location: Village: West Payaldanga under Nageshwari Upazila (Opposit to BRAC Office), Nageshwari, Kurigram
Present Status: The Training centre is being used by the local NGOs, International NGOs, Community people as well as AID-COMILLA itself. The occupancy rate of the training centre is 97%. The staff salary, maintenance, electricity, water, gas and other costs are borne from its income. The centre is self supporting.

Objectives: To promote massive awareness on environmental hazards and unjust social issues among leaders of grassroots poor development catalyst, non-government organizations (NGOs), Governmental personnel through training, workshop, and seminars using good quality and effective training environment such as the Training and Resource Development Center.

Current Facilities: We have the following facilities at our residential training center located at Nageshwari, Kurigram 1) Guest Room without AC-03; 2) Accommodation for participants-32 (3 bad in each room) ; 3) Class Room for 60 participants; 4) Discussion Room for 30 participants-01; 5) Library-01; 6) Dining Room-01 (60 participants at a time); 6) 24 hours electricity; 7) Multi Media-1; 8) Recreation facility for participants; 9) Computer Service . Total Floor Area: 5,000 square feet for training center.

Total Floor Area 15,000 square feet: Training Centre 7,000 square feet, Office space for AID-COMILLA 8,000 square feet

Expected Effects: (a) Every year AID-COMILLA's 4000 partner group members/leaders, 500 other stakeholders and 2000 participants of the other NGOs effectively trained on poverty alleviation and environmental issue and they all act upon it (b) Partner group members of AID-COMILLA practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Rice and vegetable cultivation, create gender awareness, initiate vegetable gardening, plant trees, culture fish, make profit and create employment/self employment out of micro credit, form strong micro-institution at village level and group federation at union level. (c) The Project is expected to directly benefit 6,500 people per year and indirectly benefit 30,000 per year.

Future Perspectives: AID-COMILLA has approximately, a total of 30,000 Project participants. Thus, it is expected that the Training and Resource Development Center shall be serving such huge number or even more as it will open its services to other partner NGOs and their beneficiaries. AID-COMILLA has already accommodated grassroots partners in its Training Center for conducting large group meetings and training. It is expected that more training courses and other capability building activities shall be conducted on a yearly basis, which shall maximize the use of the Training Center, thereby maximizing its benefits as a result.

Training Courses Offered by AID-COMILLA: Integrated Pest Management, Leaf Color Chart, Rodent Management, Livestock rearing & production, Vegetable Cultivation, Credit Union Formation, Aquaculture, Gender Relations, Good Governance, Human Rights & Legal Awareness, etc.

Our Client: CLP, LAMB, SOLIDARITY & other local NGOs etc.

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