About Us
Association for the Integrated Development-Comilla (AID-COMILLA) is a Non Government Organisation (NGO) working for the poor people, developing people’s socio-economic condition. The organisation was formed in December 1992 and formal operation starts in June 1995 by the help of the active co-operation of some social workers who have long experience in the field of development. AID-COMILLA has been working for the men / women / children’s for the rural and urban areas since the formation of the organization.

The organization has been registered with the Department of Social Service of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in 1995 vide registration # Comi – 583/95.

According to the regulation act 1978 of the Government AID-COMILLA has duly been obtained the registration # from the NGO Affairs Bureau of the Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh, vide registration # FDR 1145 in 1997.

Vision Statement : AID-COMILLA aspires for a society free from exploitation and oppression, where every individual will be able to live in peace and harmony, and where every individual will get rightful shares of the resources belonging to the society

Mission Statement : Promote the socio-economic status of underprivileged men, women, children in urban and rural areas through motivation, organizing of people's organization, non-formal education, training, resource mobilization, and implementation of other economic programs.

Promote human dignity, fraternity and social justice in the process of its development endeavors.

Alleviate poverty through the empowerment of the powerless people.

Local Partnerships: NGO Forum for Drinking Water and Sanitation, Comilla / Dhaka, Credit and Development Forum (CDF), ATSEC-Bangladesh Chapter, Traffic Watch-Bangladesh, Gender Development and Alliance -Bangladesh, Bangladesh Aquaculture Development Forum (BADS)

International Partnerships: Natural Resource Institute- UK, International Rice Research Institute- Philippines, Asian Rural Institute (ARI)-Japan, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), Australia

Collaboration with GOB:
Department of Women Affairs (DWA), Department Agriculture Extension (DAE), Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI), Department of Fisheries (DoF) Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute (BARI)

Values, Social Justice and Gender Sensitivity

AID-COMILLA respects the following values and integrates social justice and gender sensitivity in its work.

  1. Honor cultural, ethnic, racial, religious and spiritual diversity within the context of individual responsibility.
  2. Encourage people to care about persons within and outside their own group.
  3. Promote the building of respectful, positive and responsible relationships across the lines of gender and other divisions.
  4. Respond to human suffering in ways that promote dignity.
  5. Encourage people to commit themselves to lifestyles that promote their own health.
  6. Resolve personal and inter-group conflicts without just turning them over to lawyers and judges.
  7. Develop effective alternatives to the current patterns of violence at all levels. Constructively use non- violent methods to oppose practices and policies with which we disagree and in the process reduce the atmosphere of polarization and selfishness that is itself a source of violence.
  8. Believe that people possess an innate wisdom. Listen to the people for insight and wisdom.
  9. Making mistakes in trying out new things is the essence of living a challenging life. Learn lessons from such mistakes and improve yourself and encourage others to do so.
  10. In order to have effective gender practices, make yourself aware of the concept of gender, attain the capability of analyzing various gender disparities and their associated problems and inequalities in the socio-cultural and economic environment and finally take actions to remove gender disparities from the work place, society and country.

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